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Today you are one step closer to being on a positive path to growth, success and well-being.

As a highly accomplished Psychoanalyst, Life, Executive and Performance Coach, my goal is to help you unlock and uncover your true potential as an individual, within your career, as well as within your relationships. Whilst we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve the challenges in your life, career and in your relationships, and get you to a place where you are thriving. By applying complementary therapy approaches and techniques, we will unearth and heal long-standing behavioral patterns or negative self perceptions that may be holding you back from feeling confidant, from achieving your life and career goals, and from living a meaningful life full of energy and success.

My specialities are Anxiety, Depression, low Self-Esteem, Co-dependency, Insecure attachment styles, Life, Executive, and Performance Coaching, as well and Couples Counseling for relationship distress, parenting support, marriage, bereavement and divorce. Although change is one of the only guarantees in life, most people struggle with knowing how to successfully adapt to change, often staying stuck in sadness, deflation, confusion, anxiety, fear and sometimes paralysis. Together, we can work through these transitions and not only get you unstuck, but to a place where you feel energized, hopeful and full of momentum! Recently voted as one of the Best Therapists in New York (April 2021), my goal is to help you unlock your full potential, and actively create the life you want to live.

New York Magazine - The Best Therapists in New York 2021

I am also a certified EFT Couples and Family Therapist. I have developed a unique and comprehensive approach to my work with Couples and Families that combines Imago and EFT models of therapy. My practical approach focuses on developing a thorough understanding of personality traits, communication patterns and life goals that both unite and divide you. Once we understand what unites and separates you, what leaves you feeling loved rather than disappointed, disatisfied or rejected, we can work together to establish new compromises and communication patterns that build trust, safety and relationship satisfaction.

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